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Conel OS - overview and opensource components

Our operating system consists of several parts:

  • boot loader
  • OS kernel
  • OS userland
  • User Modules
  • SDK

We are using mix of opensource and proprietary software.

We are fully compliant with opensource licences and on these pages we are providing all the resources and pointers how a user can rebuild the opensource part of our OS by herself, including all of our own modifications to these opensource components - see preparation of building enviroment and building opensource components.

Let's go through the outlined parts:

  • Boot loader - small part of sotfware. Opensource with our patches.
  • OS kernel - Linux, opensource with our patches.
  • OS userland - mix of opensource daemons and utilities and our own (proprietary) daemons and utilities.
  • User Modules - additional stand-alone software packages. Router runs without these just fine. The packages are prepared for specific use-cases or custom made for one application only. This is a mix - some packages can be fully opensource, some mixed and some fully proprietary. We can provide complete source code for User Modules built on opensource basis on request (refer to the Quick Start Guide of your product (also printed and contained in the box) to find out appropriate contacts).
  • SDK - Free Software Development Kit for developers. C, C++ and Python bindings are provided (Python interpret is available on generation 3 platform only). Integration with other languages and tools can be provided on request or on agreement basis (we are able to run at least NodeRed and Java(*) on generation 3 platform)

Also, if you want to see a full list of opensource elements present in your Advantech CZ Router, you can direct your browser to the WEB UI of the router and (after authentication), click on General followed by clicking on Licenses. That should get you to a page listing all opensource projects used in the particular Conel OS version running on your router. Apart to the names of the projects, you should also get a type of license and a direct link to the license text. You can also access the opensource components list page directly by entering <your_router_IP>/licenses.cgi as a URL into your browser.

If you would like to get to the opensource code used to produced the opensource components in the Conel OS you are running on your device, you can jump to Building opensource components page where pointers to the source code archives are provided. If you would actually like to build some of the components, you should visit the Preparing build environment first so that you have a build environment in place.

(*) ... remark on Java - as Oracle has decided to stop supporting Java for embedded/Arm edition, and also due to the fact that license conditions are limiting us in distribution of the Java packages, the ready-to-use Java packages are not distributed by us (and will not be unless the conditions and support from Oracle changes significantly). That said, the v3 platform has enough power to run Java VM and Java applications based on the embedded Arm Java edition.