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Developing User Modules


User module (UM) brings possibility to implement functions which is not originally included in the official firmware. Due to it’s modular nature, customers can run only modules actually needed for particular usage to save CPU, RAM demands and FLASH space.

For easy development of UM we provide fully working SDK in C programming language. But there is still needed a good knowledge about running environment UM. Proper design and coding is also expected to avoid function distractions of operating system or other user modules.

We’ve prepared comprehensive training and preinstalled development environment in a form of virtual Linux image. The presentation can be used also as a cookbook explaining all necessary steps to create your own UM from provided examples.


  • Software design and coding in C language on intermediate level
  • Administration of operating systems based on Linux on intermediate level
  • VirtualBox (or other virtualization software) installed or modern 64 bit Linux installed
  • Understanding of customer’s needs (Process analyze)



We suggest you using presentation provided as a guideline. It has been prepared with that intention. There are useful topics covered:

  • Explanation of virtual appliance installation
  • How to install SDK on your own Linux OS
  • Explanation of Conel OS interaction with user modules
  • Description of user module creation process (How to proceed when creating user module)
  • Best practices
  • Useful tips for troubleshooting
  • And much more



We provide all these materials in a hope that they will be useful. However, we cannot support your user modules nor hold any responsibility for user modules created by you. Please see full license at links listed below.




Virtual appliance for VirtualBox


User Module SDK